Forklift Truck Thorough Examination (LOLER)

The Thorough Examination, or LOLER (Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations) carried out by Approved Forktrucks, is an annual mandatory requirement under the Health and Safety legislation that all forklift owners must adhere to. It is a formal test, very similar to a car MOT, to check that your forklift is in a safe and drivable condition by inspecting and assessing a selection of components.

What’s Involved?

It’s highly important that forklift truck owners ensure the continued safety of the lifting equipment and accessories that you use within your business. A thorough examination includes a visual examination and functional checks of your forklift truck, measurements of wear, load testing and in certain cases, disassembly or internal examinations may also be required.

Your thorough examination can be carried out either in our unit or at your site, depending on which is the most convenient for you.

Any failures in safety can result in significant injuries or fatalities, so it’s extremely important to ensure your equipment is in a safe condition.

How Often Do I Need a Thorough Examination?

It is recommended that a thorough examination of your forklift trucks takes place yearly. If a machine hasn’t been looked at for a longer period of time than this then it is likely that more faults will be found, resulting in a larger expense. It also puts your employees at risk as your equipment may no longer be deemed as safe.

Upon completion, a certificate is issued that will include your expiration date so that you are aware of when your next LOLER is due and our team will also be in touch in the lead up to that date to remind you of your certificates expiry date.

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