5 Things to Check Before Buying a Used Forklift Truck

Generally, people choose a used forklift truck because they are cheaper than a new one and most of the time, the older ones will do just as good a job. However, that doesn’t mean this applies to all of them since the truck has been used before, it is always important for you to check it’s in good working order and not just believe what you are told. These are five things you should always do or check, before purchasing a used forklift truck.

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View The Truck

Everyone knows how easy and convenient it is to shop online these days but would you buy a second-hand car online based on just an image? Probably not, so why would it be any different for a forklift truck? The people who drive these vehicles are trusting you to deliver trucks that are safe and reliable so it always best to go down to the seller and check it out for yourself.

Always lookout for signs of cracks, rust, previous repair work or leaks, although natural wear and tear are expected on second-hand trucks, some may require more repair than others.

Take It For A Test Drive 

So you have inspected your chosen truck for any visible damage and it meets your standards. However, the real test comes when you take it for a test drive. This could be a good opportunity to establish if there are underlying concerns with the vehicle itself, such as the steering. 

When testing your truck make sure that you starting it from cold and you are driving over a clean and dry floor so that you can check if there are any leaks caused by the transmissions or hydraulics. 

Check The Warranty 

Your warranty for the truck is one of the most important documents you will need. You should check how much time left on it and make sure that you are aware of what it includes and what it excludes. Sometimes, suppliers can catch you out because some warranties can’t be transferred, so be sure to ask the supplier about this before you purchase the truck.

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Thorough Examinations / LOLER

When you own a forklift truck there are legal obligations that come along with ensuring its safe use. Owning or hiring a truck for 12 months or more means you are responsible for a thorough examination being carried out so the vehicle is safe for you and your workers. Before completing any purchase, you should also confirm there is proof that this has been carried out by previous owners.

Check The Mileage

For every hour a forklift truck drives it is equivalent to a car doing 30 miles so this can help you to gauge how fit for work the truck is. Once the truck has done about 3,000 hours that equivalent to about 100,000 miles in a car, which for a forklift truck, is considered very old. This should help you to determine how long it will be fit for the work you require it to complete and whether it is worth the cost. 

Get a Used Forklift Truck

If you are looking to buy a used forklift truck or even a new one, at Approved Forklift Trucks, we have a wide selection to choose from. Call us today on 0116 276 2868 to find out more or pop into our workshop in Leicester today.